About Us


Faith Teams was founded by me, Shane. I have worked in technology for my entire adult life building systems and mission-critical solutions.

I have found the church does a much better job when you give it the right tools. Your leaders plan better. People know what's going on. They give input, and they give their best. I want to help provide these tools to churches in an easy, affordable way.

The Church

I pastor a church in the state of Connecticut. I love it: the people, our mission to reach our city. Over the years, having worked in youth, music, pastoral ministry, I have developed an awareness for what it takes to get the job done.

Faith Teams goes beyond just bookkeeping. It puts tools in the hands of your leaders to do what they need to do: plan services, organize volunteers, marketing of your events and more. I am committed to making Faith Teams the tool of choice for the local church.

Our plan  

To put it simple: We want to be THE LEADER in church management solutions and help you move your church forward. We are just beginning, but through innovation, feedback and diligence we want to be the very best and the obvious choice for your organization.

We already have people joining our team to help with sales and support. As we grow, you will benefit.